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A short time ago in a suburban town very, very close to Amsterdamā€¦

FABIO BIER Front-end Jedi


It is a period of many connected devices.

With so many different form factors offering a unified user experience across the board is often challenging.

However modern web technologies cater to these needs by ways of The Force CSS3 and HTML5.

As a professional Front-end Developer it is my destiny to wield these forces for the good of Webkind.

My work varies from designing beautiful user interfaces to developing entire front-ends using the latest Web Standards.

I take pride in writing clean and semantic code with SEO and accesibility in mind. If you're interested in the inner workings of this pageā€¦

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About me

Who is this guy?

I'm not a man of few words so bear with me as I tell you my story below.


I specialize in the design and development of clean and smart user interfaces for the modern web. With over seven years of hands-on experience as a professional Front-end Developer I've experienced the radical shift towards mobile browsing up close and personal. Responsive design has since taken the web by storm, Anyone who's Anyone has responsive front-ends these days. I have built many responsive front-ends and thus have a whole bunch of experience in that field.


Pretty is indeed a feature and it should be a huge priority. Let's face it, people love using things that look pretty and elegant. Sure, it has to be functional as well, but looking good can definitely add to function. With a degree in User Interaction Design I'm always on the lookout for creeping ugliness and usability.


I take pride in delivering not only clean designs but clean code as well. By conforming to the latest standards and using proper semantics I'm saving myself heaps of time fixing cross-browser related issues and basic SEO optimizations. Proper web standards gives me most of these things for free (no guarantees though, I always test). I believe good code is simple and readable code, no inception includes that point you to /dev/null.


I often use a framework to jump-start a new project. This is not out of laziness It's about working smart and efficient. Sure I know how to build pretty much anything from scratch, but Open Source projects are often well documented and when a new developer joins the team he/she is often already familiar with the framework.

Personal life

Being a Geek I go nuts about all things technology related. Sometimes you'll catch me on a slow Saturday setting up a new VPS or writing a Bash script for fun. It's quite pathetic actually :-P. I'm a huge music lover and spent much time discovering new bands. I recently became a Dad after our little James was born. Needless to say I am also a big Star Wars fan (mandatory geek thing I guess).

My work

Some of my best work is represented here.

Contribution: HTML/CSS

NU.nl Responsive Rebuild




My AutoWeek

AutoWeek Business Information Center

3D Graphic Saton Optiek

3D Graphic Brillant Magazine

My Skills

    • Html

    • Css/Sass

    • Javascript

    • UX/Design

    • DevOps

    • Python/Django


I'm a huge music lover. It inspires and drives me.


What others have to say about my work.

Wietse van der Werf

Wietse Van Der Werf

Fabio has without a doubt been one of the best web designers I have had the pleasure of working with. For the most part this is because his communication is clear, concise and he approaches concerns and translates them into workable solutions very easily. Fabio has been a very big support to the development of our organisation and we look forward to continue working with him, expanding into new projects and inevitably fixing new problems. I would highly recommend Fabio to anyone looking for a skilled, passionate and hard working web designer.

Founder, International Director The Black Fish

Carolina Nijenhuis

Carolina Nijenhuis

Fabio is a good example of a developer who knows how to produce with a creative marketing mind. Without hesitation he'll give you feedback on your briefing which only enhances your products features. As a developer he is not only focused on how to develop a product, but also on why and what for. With a great eye for design, he delivers products on deadline and with the latest usibility and SEO in mind. A great developer to exchange ideas with. Furthermore a cool guy to work with.

Lead Product Manager AutoWeek

More testimonials available at my LinkedIn page.



Contact Form

Contact form

Drop me a line if you want to know more or just for the lulz.